Youth wasted in jail, yet he has no bitterness

Aamir returns home full of hope and pride


Puja Bhattacharjee | February 14, 2012

Mohammed Aamir Khan has reasons to be unhappy, feel vengeful and hurt. Instead, he chooses to be grateful with an angelic smile spread across his face. Most of us complain about little inconveniences in our daily life. And here is a man who has been through hell and back but his indomitable spirit has conquered all.

Aamir bears no grudge. Sitting at his home in Old Delhi all he could talk about is how great God is, how his faith in his countrymen has been restored and he will be proud of being an Indian forever.
Aamir was incarcerated in various prisons of Delhi and Haryana for 14 years in connection with the 1997 serial blasts in Delhi and Haryana. Branded a terrorist, he was arrested in February 1998 and charged on 20 counts. He was 18 then, full of dreams. He, however, was acquitted of 17 of those in January this year.

And yet this man bears no animosity towards anyone in spite of his ordeal.

“I always believe that the glass is half full. Many people get demoralized but I believe in having a positive outlook. I saw the police administration from very close and a lot of good people are also there,” he says.

Asked what kept him motivated, he said, “Books have been my constant companion. Gandhiji’s autobiography inspired me.  I also read articles by Kuldeep Nayar, Khushwant Singh and Karan Thapar. I spent the golden years of my life in prison. I protected myself from diseases and addiction and kept good company.”

His father passed away during the course of his trial and his mother suffered brain hemorrhage and paralysis. Now that he is back home he wants to look after his mother and get a job. Any plans to get married? “First I want to get a job and then I will think about marriage. I am not bound by religion or community but my life partner should be pure of heart and intention.”

During the course of the meeting the smile never faltered from his face and his optimism was contagious. “My country is the greatest. Its inhabitants are pure of heart. I want to do something for my country. Henceforth I want to live peacefully.”



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