Borivali MLA Gopal Chinaiya Shetty


Geetanjali Minhas | January 12, 2012

Gopal Chinaiya Shetty of Bharatiya Janata Party was re-elected to the Maharashtra legislative assembly in October 2009 from ward 152 of Borivali area in Mumbai. Shetty has held various positions in BJP, and won several awards as a municipal councillor. He is ranked twenty two in the MLA performance report of Praja Foundation.

Born:  January 31, 1954
Profession:  Businessman
Weight age allotted to parameters - Present and past 60 percent

                                                          Impression/Perception 40 percent

Shetty’s total score is 59/100

Past parameters

Education Qualification - non matric









Income Tax Records



Criminal Record (including negative parameters)



  Nine FIR’s  registered as per affidavit;



  No FIR registered after 2009 elections ;and



  Eight Charge sheets pending as on March 2011



Present parameters                                             



Sessions Attended:                                              46/47



No of Questions Asked:                                       319



Importance of Questions Asked :



Classification of Questions

Based on Issues




Social Infrastructure



Education, Health and

Social Cultural Concern)




Physical Infrastructure





Economical Infrastructure

(Financial Institutions

and Industries)




Governance/Policy making

(Revenue,Corruption and





Agriculture/Food Infrastructure

(Agriculture,Animal Husbandry

and Irrigation)





(Other related issues)




Total questions






Total Local Area Development Funds utilized during Dec 2009 to March 2010- Rs 1.85 crore;    Marks: 5/5 

Perception/Impression Parameters



Perception of Public Services



Awareness and Accessibility



Corruption Index



Broad Measures



Expressing his dismay and  dissatisfaction at Praja’s ratings Shetty said “inspite of the fact that I am available to public 365 days a year they  have rated me low in  accessibility parameter, for fighting public causes five cases are  slapped against me.” Shetty  further asked, “In assembly we ask many questions  but the quality and no. of questions are chosen at discretion of Government. Can you blame the MLA if questions put by him or her are not answered?"



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