Dissociation not disruption is our way of protest: DUTA

DUTA responds to Delhi High Court order asking it to refrain from disrupting DU admissions


Jasleen Kaur | June 23, 2010

The Delhi University Teacher’s Association (DUTA) on Tuesday clarified its stand that they did not appeal to teachers for obstruction or disruption in the admission process. In a statement issued to the press it said that the alleged charges of the university are completely false and baseless. This after the Delhi High Court on Monday issued an order to the DUTA asking it not to obstruct the ongoing admission procedure in the university.

The DUTA had been protesting the manner in which semester system has been implemented in the science courses by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Deepak Pental. DUTA says that it is violation of the university’s Acts and Ordinances. To show their dissatisfaction, the DUTA last month had issued a statement to teachers asking them to dissociate from the admission process. Following which, 53 colleges decided to dissociate from the admission process.

DUTA however, maintained its stand and has once again appealed to teachers for peaceful dissociation from the admission process.



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