Shivraj invites investment in Madhya Pradesh

Banks on improved infrastructure


Geetanjali Minhas | August 31, 2010

In the race to attract more and more investment in the state, Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is banking on skilled workforce, abundant natural resources, continuous power  supply, peaceful industrial work atmosphere, a single table clearance facility for quick disposal of investment approvals and a proactive government.  

Delivering his keynote address at an interactive organised by Assocham in Mumbai on Monday, Chouhan said, “For the last three years our endeavour has been focused on promoting investments in the state. Working groups have come together to formulate a road map for providing better infrastructure in the state, i.e., power, water and roads.

“We have enough power for industry and by 2013 we will make Madhya Pradesh a power surplus state,” he said.

Speaking on various development activities Chouhan said that work was currently going on for 13 power projects and the state will produce 5,000 MW electricity in next three years. To promote farming as a profitable business the state government is providing farmers loans at three percent interest. The state is also focusing on food processing for value addition.
He said: “MP was once the centre of dacoits  epitomised by the Bollywood film industry. Unlike other neighbouring states hit by Naxalism, Madhya Pradesh is now devoid of any strife or turmoil. There is no regional factionalism in the state. Abundant land, water and electricity is available in the state. The state has skilled manpower, people are peaceful and hardworking and there are no strikes.

“Textile producers from Punjab want to come to Madhya Pradesh  and set up industries. It is the largest cement producer in the country .With nine national parks; the state has tremendous tourism attraction.”

Talking to media on land acquisition, he said, “Firstly, our priority is to identify land which is not suitable for farming, and for that reason we have created a  land bank of 21,000 hectares in parts of the state. Secondly, the industry also requires private land, and for that reason farmers and investors should sit together to come to an agreement where the policy prescribes compensating not just the cost of land  to the farmer but also assures them two times their livelihood. Some industries have assured them salaries for the next 30 years in lieu of providing them two times livelihood. Here the government acts as a facilitator.”



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