"Delhiites are satisfied with CWG infra"

Delhi assembly deputy speaker Amrish Gautam in an interview with Sweta Ranjan


Sweta Ranjan | May 30, 2011

Shunglu Committee holds Sheila Dikshit responsible for the CWG mess in Delhi last year. Don't you think the state government's soft approach to reports of graft and the delays in execution of projects were the major factors behind the scale of graft that marked the Games?
I have not read the report. So, I do not know what it says. Whatever information I have, is from the news reports. As I am not aware about the details of the report I will not comment on this.

The report also said that completion of any project undertaken by the government took 2-3 years. Due to this, there was a rise in the expenditure and the government had to take certain decisions in haste in which quality was compromised.
See, the Common Wealth Games overall was wonderfully managed. When there is a cricket match the tickets worth Rs 1000 are sold at hefty prices of Rs 1,00,000 - we read about all this in newspapers. During Karwa Chauth the rates of bananas soar.  CWG was a very big event and if the cost of the labour goes up then it is the matter of investigation which is on. I won’t like to talk about the report But I will point out that the because of CWG, Delhi has seen unprecendented development. Delhiites are alos satisfied and happy with the infrastructure.

The opposition has the resignation of Raj Kumar Chauhan. Lokayukta and activists are also demanded the same but Delhi government has given a clean chit to the minister.
I don’t want to comment on this issue now as it is being studied by thge president. As per the rules, if lokayukta writes to the president then within three months the president has to reply.

Delhi politicians have often made an issue out of urban immigration. Immigrants are variously blamed for law and order, infrastructure problems. Do outsiders enrich the city or do they impede its growth?
Delhi is India's capital. Infact, it is a scaled down version of the country. Peole from all across the country come here for livelihood, education etc. They have all the freedom to come and settle here. They don’t harm Delhi in any way, whether they come from Bihar or UP or anywhere else. If they come as laborers they help build the city's infrastructure. If a senior officer comes, he/she adds value to the commerce/adminsitration of the city.

How does it affect the development and culture of Delhi?
Like I said, Delhi is a mini India. Cultures of different parts of India thrive here. Delhi is the place of opportunities for the people of north Indian states since long. People come to Delhi in search of better livelihood and to fulfill their dreams in the city.

Sheila Dixit, however, seems to have a different view. She said that the people of Bihar and UP living in Delhi are spoiling the city.

Her motive was not to criticize or hurt anyone. She had related it to the development of Delhi. We have to go through so many problems every day. Somewhere there is a problem of water scarcity, somewhere people have to face problems of residence. Delhi has not been able to establish itself for so long. We are not able to find a day when we can say ‘ok we have completed this task’ because a large number of people from different states come to Delhi. Every year the population in Delhi also increases by lakhs.

Is this the reason that the crime in Delhi has shot up?
Newsreports speak of people from other regions of the country being involved in crimes here.

Women in Delhi don’t feel safe. Why has the government failed to provide a safe and secure environment?
Firstly, the responsibility of law and order does not lie with Delhi government. Police comes under central government as we are an union territory. So, we can't say that Delhi government has failed. I understand that the union government is also of our party and I am not trying to shy away from the responsibility as a representative of the party.  I think crime is under control in our city. And if sometimes some crime happens, it does not mean Delhi government is inefficient.

Kondli is your constituency. It is avery congested area. How have you worked for the development of the area?
It is congested because of the density of population has increased over the year. It is bounded by the Yamuna, thereby limiting any chance of of lateral expansion. It is also surrounded by other states. We have given Rs 10 crore to Uttar Pradesh government to improve and develop the area near Kondli. We are undertaking the broadening of roads on both the sides of Kondli resevoir.

It is being said that you are eying the Bulandshahar ticket next.
My prime effort is to add strength to the party. Whether Bulandshahar, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad or Meerut I regularly visit these places. I try to be a part of the MLAs' meeting but mostly I visit Bulandshahar as it is my birth place, my home town. The motive behind asking for a ticket is to strengthen the party. I am sure if I get a ticket from there I would win. Every week I go to Bulandshahar and stay there for two days. Around Bulandshahar other areas like Greater Noida, Hapud constituency, Ghaziabad and Noida constituency, Dadri, Sikendarabad, Jevar are areas where I go to meet people.

Respected Rahul Gandhi Ji hopes that in 2012 Congress will form the government in Uttar Pradesh. For that I visit many villages and request people to associate themselves with Congress party.

Your son also is making efforts to get into politics.
See this is very obvious. A doctor’s son becomes a doctor. An IAS officer’s son becomes an IAS officer. So, a politician’s son definitely would have an inclination towards politics. He wants to serve the people the same way I do. My son is demanding for a ticket from Hapud constituency. He has been living in Hapud since the last four years to help and serve people.  I believe people of that constituency look at him as their leader. He visits all 70 villages of that constituency.



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